2015 – Tidying up and Information

Well …what a year. I started on a blog in May 2014 and from there it has lead to me becoming the blogging Manager at 7 Deadly Skins and getting the greatest Family ever other than of course my own but I adore Izara Zuta aka The Boss and my Sis Halo and Lil and the rest of the team. Thank god for them all understanding me and me them 🙂

I have the honour and much gratitude to have been nominated by my Readership and friends of my blog – http://sharithecat.blogspot.co.uk/ – for an avi choice award – Favourite Fashion Blogger 2014 – Huge congrats to Strawberry SIngh for winning but I was so honoured to have been nominated for this and think its a huge acclamation to the fabulous people I blog for because without them I would not be the well dressed kitteh I am today.

I have updated my pic and checked my links and email address, Thanks to Caitlin Tobias who suggested its the time of year to do this and what a great blog she wrote too – thank you Caitlin – here is the item she wrote

Where do you keep the sugar?

To thank you all, to wish you all a tremendously great 2015, to look forward to the new year and all the ups, downs and bumps it brings and for telling you all about it and fingers crossed please my PC gets well soon

Much Love

Sha xx


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