Ichi-Go Ichi-E (Part 1)

Thank you to the fabulous Zoey for asking me to partake in her Blog and ongoing roleplay ❤

A Digital Dreamer

Ylani clawed her way back to consciousness and lay for a moment before opening her eyes. The sight of flowers towering over her confused her, but before she could wonder about it too much a strange glowing bark mask appeared above her. Startled she went to sit up and groaned as she saw her body. The last thing she remembered was the Japanese area and dancing with the fairies… oh and the angry goblin. She sighed and looked up at the collection of wood, moss and mushrooms gathered into a sort of humanoid shape with a glowing mask for a head.

“Hello. May I ask where I am? And what I am?” She asked the creature in front of her.

“You are in Ichi-go Ichi-e at the Faire.” The creature said in a soft feminine voice cocking her head sideways as she continued, “How do you not know you be…

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