She’s mad as hell and she’s not going to take this anymore!

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Like the sparks that light the forest ablaze in the dog days of summer – Second Life bloggers left, right and centre are finding the courage to step up and publicly air their frustrations with the Second Life Blogger – Designer Vicious Cycle. Today, Second Life blogger and SLBS member, Shae Marquis published a vehement post explaining why she’s opting out of this particular rat race, and choosing to “blog free”.

In a remarkably passionate post, Ms Marquis relates an appalling story of how her “sponsors” discarded her from their groups following her two-week break from Second Life, during which a medical crisis forced her to be hospitalised – despite immediately informing her “sponsors” of her absence from her hospital bed.

“This is where my happy-joy-joy blogger illusion bubble began to dissolve,” she said, “I just felt like blogger teams usually have 15-20+ bloggers, one taking sick leave would be ok for a relatively short time. Nope. I guess…

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