Untamed Designs is 5 years old TODAY!

Untamed Designs is 5 years old TODAY! Ginger Emolite Is so excited as she has planned for this day for the last 5 years! Way to go Ginger on being a successful Store Owner, Hunt Manager and Owner, DJ and everything else you do in SL to make people happy 🙂

Untamed Designs


NOW the Store is huge and has a new Logo and new products as shown above, then, below we show how it all began and led up to this day –

Untamed Designs was founded by Ginger Emolite in July 2010. Untamed Designs offers quality, low prim designs for your Second Life home or business. The products often live up to the name of “Untamed Designs.” Many of my creations are extremely unique and will not be found in other stores in Second Life.

Over the past five years, Untamed Designs has grown from a small store with a few products to a larger store with a wide variety of products. Untamed Designs offers decor for your bedroom (including Xcite! compatible beds), kitchen, living room, and other areas. Untamed Designs even offers some furniture for children’s bedrooms.

Over the past five years, Untamed Designs has had four main locations, countless satellite stores, four different store logos, and countless store buildings. With each change, the store grew more and more until it became the store it is today.

Here is a look back, through pictures, at the past five years.



After suffering the loss of a manager, Lydia Fettucio, this was placed at the first and second locations for Untamed Designs:


At one of our sponsor events, Ginger was challenged to recreate The Secret Liaisons logo in a bed. Challenge accepted, challenge completed



Some of Gin’s Favourite products over the years



Heres to the next 5 years Ginger♥

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