Wanna Play?

It's a mans world( when the women let us have it)

Wanna Play

It started  long  ago, before  you  or I were  ever on this  earth and  it will continue  long after we are  gone. For  you see  my  unfortunate friend we are descendants of  five very evil little  girls. Long ago in Salem these five  girls accused a pastors wife  of  witch craft.  They were  not to be believed  at  first but then thru the  series  of ” tests” and  falsehoods the  woman was  found  guilty and  burned at the stake. Evil  was a afoot indeed in the  home  of the  pastor…but  it was  not  his  wife..it was  her sister.

The day the  burning  took  place  she was among the crowd..watching. She watched  in horror  as  her sister  pleaded  for  help…she also watched as  the  five  girls  snickered and sneered. Slipping  quietly behind them she  plucked a  hair from each and  tucked  it  into her  pocket…then silently  slipped away.

When  she  returned  home…

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