Now you can upload your pictures only once!

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Hey, did you know? You can use the picture you uploaded on flickr on your blog right away! No extra uploading needed.

Did you recover from fainting? Let me walk you through it.

We start with uploading the picture to Flickr (duh). Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice a fun little arrow on your uploaded pic. Why don’t you try clicking it?

You will get a little pop-up window, select ‘HTML embed’. (Note you also have handy buttons to share your picture directly on various social media, if you have those accounts linked to your Flickr)

You can select the size of your pic. Choose on option with 500, that’s big enough (We don’t want to throw an oversized close-up of our pixelated pretties in someone’s face before they had their morning coffee, right?). Copy the text under the size (<a data yaddayadda….), it’s usualy already selected, so you can just…

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