Elfing about!

Elfing about!

Beyond Persuasion Designs {Avatar} Little bit of Frost: Toby Elf

Toby the Elf can ONLY be found at the 3D Christmas Market which starts on December 1st to 31st and will then be gone – He is on sale for 30% OFF for the duration of the market and I suggest you get down there as soon as it starts as these are fabulous avatars for the Holiday season

3D Republic – Christmas Market 1st to 31st December

This year Beyond Persuasion Designs are at 3D Christmas market and for the event they have created  A little bit of Frost: Holiday character avatar -Toby Elf. This is their first character avatar and very different from many things they have offered in the past. This being said the Holiday characters will ONLY be around for the holiday season then they retire and await to see who will come next year! Beyond Persuasion Designs have one more in the works for this season watch to see which will come out to play. The other Holiday Elves will ONLY be on sale at Beyond Persuasion Designs Main Store

So far in the A Little Bit of Frost Range there is – Wilbert, Samson, Francis, Bernie and Arnie who can ONLY be found on sale at the Main store.  See Below for pics of all the cute Elves

Beyond Persuasion Designs 




– terra design – Unisex_01 Pose Set

– terra design – U_02
Available now from GEN-Neutral 





Pictures taken HERE

Windlight – Bryn Oh’s Mayfly

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