Fairelands: Story of Hope

THIS is why The Fantasy Faire is so important to all who this disease has touched ♥

Fantasy Faire 2017

Fairelands Junction, picture by Alisaundra Andel

There is a story that we have been waiting to tell for a year. It is a story we found out last year as Pookie Wolfsong (helixer) contacted one of the Faire Executives, Zander Greene, and told him of her work in a cancer care center and how she had brought her clients to the Faire. We were stunned, touched and humbled by her words, and hoped to have a chance to learn more. This year we did exactly that.

You work in a cancer treatment center in RL, and you have been showing patients Fantasy Faire on your laptop. How did this idea come to you and how have they responded to it?

I work in a long term care center and some of my clients are here during cancer treatment. Three years ago I took my laptop to work so I could visit the Faire during my lunch break. I…

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