“It’s the End of the World as We Know it!”: Weekend Scavenger Hunt at Junktown a Success!

An Awesome time was had by us and we thank MadPea and look forward to the next time we ‘ Get our scavenge on!’


junktown7So this past weekend was another amazing installation of the ever-popular ExPEAditions sponsored by MadPea. And while I’m still trying to get the sand out of my clothes, find a way to get a very stalker-ish tumbleweed to bugger off, and clear my mind of giant cave spiders and patchwork post-apocalyptic dodo birds…I have to say…it was a blast!!


First and foremost MadPea would like to extend a wealth of gratitude to the owners, managers, and staff of Junktown for being so hospitable and welcoming us with open arms! This is an amazing sim with a TON of things to see and do. If you say you’ve seen everything there is to see there, I’d have to call ‘shenanigans’ on you! I’ve been quite a few times and it seems like every time I find something new!junktown2

I may or may not have been like a kid in a candy…

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