Meet The Interview prize creators: HEXtraordinary.

I love HEXtraodinary ♥


Opening the door you step into a magical menagerie brimming with arcane goods and enchanted adornments! You don’t need to worry so much about watering the plants as not being eaten or poisoned by them and unusual creatures blink at you from perches and platforms all around. You could be forgiven for thinking you were in Diagon alley but you’ve just entered the magical world of HEXtraordinary!


Corwin Lacourte was once a creator of manly manes and marvelous mustaches but in the Summer of 2015 he created his first magical masterpiece for the Wizarding Faire and HEXtraordinary was born! Since then he’s been a well known feature at events all over the grid. From the Arcade and Gacha Garden to Fifty Linden Fridays his unique creations have frolicked and flapped their way into peoples hearts.


Between the petulant pygmy goat trying to eat my coat and the Phoenix that…

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