The MadPea Inca Collection: Available Now!

I am sooo looking forward to cracking on with the NEWEST Game from MadPea wooots


Are you what I refer to as a “crazed right-clicker of all the milieu”? Do you find that you’re often distracted from the task at hand by the delicious decor to your immediate right and left? If you’ve been inside of the “Inca” caves, and, while being chased by a particularly gnarly creature, you stopped to find out just where you could go to get that killer Inti statue, then you’ll be pleased at today’s Inca news!

You can now purchase several of the items that make up the decorative interior of the caves! Up for sale are the “Inca” crypt, crystal pedestal, gem bowl, gem stand, SEVEN statues of gods and goddesses (yes, including Inti!), totem and wall decoration. As an added draw, when you touch the crypt, its lid lifts, and it emits a dark mist that might or might not hide an equally dark spirit! The statues…

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