Meet The Interview prize designers: Spellbound


Yes, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our lovely prize designers and this time it’s Spellbound.  If you are looking for enchanting hair of the cute and witchy variety, it’s totally worth checking out.  But don’t get me wrong, you won’t find any newt’s eyes or bat’s tongues in these creations.  This is NOT hair for hags.  Just magic locks for mystic chicks 😉

MadPeas - Spellbound exterior

The store looks like it was summoned in its entirety from the imagination of its creator Kohana Xue with a wiggle of her cute little nose.  Set in a beautiful midnight forest, it entices you in to browse among the dark shelves.  Little treats hide around each corner, and the whole vibe is magical and mystical.

MadPeas - Spellbound interior

Spellbound hair is quirky and cute without sacrificing quality.  The range of colours for each style are particularly awesome, making this hair amazing value.  I especially like the ‘Magic’ colour range of…

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