It’s Raining Its Pouring

Aerlinniel's Wolftracks

It’s raining outside but I wont let that get me down. Instead, I decided to decorate up this little space in the house. First I put down a great rug with pillows to lounge on, and added some baskets. One with flowers and the other with a puppy. Last, I put up a huge wall hanging that shows what means the most to me, family. Hope the rain stops soon, but if not, then I’ll simply curl up on these pillows and read a good book.Read any good books lately?

Wood Works was a big help with my little decorating project. From them, I have this great Basket of Petunias along with the Spring Rain (Window) to look outside The Indian Summer Scatter Cushions are by Cwtch, it has a bunch of different sit animations for us to enjoy, and there’s that cute puppy over that in Apple Basket…

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