.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. for The Twisted Hunt Spring 2017 – Infinity

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. for The Twisted Hunt Spring 2017 – Infinity

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Myriada] Ancient Alcove – For the Spring Twisted Hunt – FREE

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::.

The Twisted Hunt starts on the 1st of March and as usual there will be a myriad of fantastic items to find and hideous clues to help you find them – this is not The Hardest hunt on the grid for nothing BUT when you see the prizes you will understand why, time after time, Many thousands of Twisties come back to do the hunt over and over and drive themselves dizzy and almost blind to not just finish the hunt but to complete The Twisted End Game, usually built by some sadistic would be mind killer with a sense of humour thrown in for good measure – I know all this you see because for many many many of my 10 years in SL I have partaken of this Hunt and I love it for every dark and twisted moment, crying ( tears to Loki please) Hair pulling ( Hair goes in the basket please ) and other types of screaming and wailing that has made the Hunt my favourite Hunt for many reasons – The Hunt Team – Totally nuts, loveable and The Hint Helpers, The Designers – They are just wonderful – and above all else the Twisties, the endless stream of nutters who stay in the group all year long to bait and banter until the next hunt whereupon not only do they do the hunt but they help others too!  What a crowd!

Amongst these Designers is the totally amazeballs [Angelic Designs], Angelica has been part of the hunt for a long time now and never ever fails to make the best prizes and this is one of them.

This springs Hunt theme is Infinity and Angelica has made the Myriad – Ancient Alcove – a thing of beauty which will fit anywhere and I will not be surprised to see it popping up all over the grid in many places and adored by all – Have fun finding it – The Site and all the info you need is here – Enjoy, be ready, gird your loins and get ready for the 1st of March!

Website with all info – http://twistedhunt.com/virgins.php

Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/groups/twistedhuntevents/pool/

CalWL Windlight used

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