For the Horde

For the Horde

Dinkies D’Orc by Isaura Simons for The Fantasy Faire 2017

A fantastic outfit for your Dinkie Avatar – Includes complete instructions on how to turn your White Dinkie avatar into a D’orc right down to the eyes!

Comes with full outfit, hair, battle cry animated gesture and axe – because what is a D’orc without her Battle Axe!!!

Everything is so detailed and fabulous – Get yourself and Dinkie and then this fantastic addition and go forth and do the Horde battle cry! For the Horde!

Since I bought my first Dinkie Avatar, I have had so much fun with her – I now have a collection of them and various avatar outfits from the new Torm Strooper Avi outfit also from Isaura Simons who makes fantastic Dinkie hair and Outfits – Visit her stall at The Fantasy Faire – I can promise it will be full of fantastical outfits – She will be situated on The Hill Sponsored by Solarium and Titans

Dinkies white mesh kitty- Marketplace Link







                                              This last picture was taken by Isaura herself

The Pictures were taken HERE and [NB]-MistyDay-12am (Sea) and [TOR] SUNSET – ivory Flowers Windlights were used

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