This is unacceptable!

Love this story from Alia ❤

Fantasy Faire 2018

“This is unacceptable!” – the little Queen stomped outraged, kicking her tiny feet against an imaginary floor.

“The latest of attacks to my domain, dividing our lands, severing communication, trade, diplomacy!”

Her Majesty, Fantasy Fairelander the First, kept raining high pitched notes of disdain and fury on the room, sparkling dust all over the Council and making the elves sneeze.

Moles started to slowly roll in circles as a sign of panic, even the Ancient didn’t manage to hold his nervous paws and started to sway.

“The  Higher forces of Linden are at work to destroy the barriers, but the magic is strong and is taking time!” Said Saffia, already browsing through her diplomatic contacts at hand and preparing messenger butterflies to be delivered.

“We could sacrifice some of the police forces to the Unweaver to get his help, we have enough sheriffs anyway….” Before even managing to complete the…

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