Letting go

Very cool quote Starr ♥

Little of this and that...

Mind.jpgWrestling with my thoughts

So much has been on my mind lately that it seems like I have brain overload ~ working on learning tutorials to upp my images, trying to come up with ideas that will interest you my readers *yes at times I do think a lot of bloggers struggle for topics for their blogs* especially wanting to keep it fresh and at times helpful hints ~ there are topics that I try to stay away from that I do remember my Gram always telling me never discuss politics and religion as this 2 will be very hotly debated and clearly is an agitator ~ on Facebook today I saw this quote 10 to Zen and thought I would share this with you

  • Let go of comparing
  • Let go of competing
  • Let go of judgements
  • Let go of anger
  • Let go of regrets
  • Let go of worry
  • Let…

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