Branded a witch

Branded a witch

[Gauze]and[Trap] Cernunnos Horns – Exclusive to We ♥ Role-Play February

These stunning Antler / Horns are Tintable, Texturable and can select parts to change all via a HUD, there are two versions, with and without the bands on them and they are 25% off for the month of February at We ♥ Role-Play

We ♥ Role-Play

!TLB – The Little Bat – The Coven Carvings – Omega – Exclusive to The Coven, February round 

A wonderful set of chest carvings from the Little Bat

:[P]:- Elemental Plinth:// Bad Witch Exclusive to The Coven, February round 

:[P]:- Elemental Plinth [Tall-S]:// Bad Witch

:[P]:- Elemental Plinth [Short-S]://  Bad Witch

:[P]:- Daynale Incense:// Bad Witch – this gorgeous set comes with all of the items listed below and comes in a variety of tones to suit is a beautiful addition to any table or home.  A must-have from The Plastik which is Exclusive to The Coven, February round 

:[P]:-Daynale Cauldron:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Cones Bowl:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Lit Incense & Bowl:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Lit Incense Plates:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Sandbowl:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Tealight:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Tealights:// Bad Witch

:[P]:-Daynale Unlit Tealights:// Bad Witch

The Coven – February Round

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Stained Glass Goth

!Musa! Quartz Eyes – RARE8

Exclusive to The Gacha Gardens February round

Filomena has made these super gorgeous eyes for The Gacha Garden Event in February – I would HIGHLY recommend getting these as they really are stunning, both in the Commons Colours and the Seed of Inspiration which you get after 20 plays for free. Visit as soon as possible for these stunning eyes.  I shall be wearing them a lot – They come in Standard eye format as well as Omega Applier for mesh eyes

There is also a limited Edition Colour Gift Eye colour for you to collect

The Gacha Gardens Group gift is available with the Gimmi gacha group tag.

7 Deadly s[K]ins – BECKY Face and Body Omega HUD in Oak

Becky is the 7 Deadly s[K]ins Group Gift for February – she comes in 4 tones and there will be a shape also – Don’t forget to grab her come 1st of Feb!  Iza has started bringing out all new skins with a browless option starting with Becky.  She comes in  Apricot, Caramel, Oak and Walnut and there is going to be a shape available

7 Deadly s[K]ins Mainstore

^;^CaTwA^;^ HEAD Catya v3.0

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Eyes Pack

^;^CaTwA^;^ Main Store

Maitreya Mesh Body – Bento 4.1


MINA – Audrie – Black and greys

MINA – Audrie – Blonds

Gorgeous new hair from Mina which while using one or two HUDs from this range you can get a plethora of different looks as each side is colourable

{vespertine}-center of universe skyloft.

Schadenfreude Noctis Valdemar Panchette Table

{Roawenwood} Black Furry Rug

+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Stack – Dark

+Half-Deer+ Celestial Glass Stones

+Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars – Fuschia / Purple Stars

+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern [Celestial Fatpack]

+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star (Purple)

+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star (Silver)

+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Silver)

+Half-Deer+ Hanging Birch Branch – Dream (Silver)

+Half-Deer+ Messy Blanket/Rug (Black)

+Half-Deer+ Raven – Witchy – Right

+Half-Deer+ Painted Tree Stump – Black

+Half-Deer+ Tree Stump Table – Music Love


:-:SUGAR:-: Juju {DIGITS} Top

1313 Mockingbird Lane – Malifae Skirt

The pictures were taken using   windlight settings

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