Wanna be a Mershroomie?

Wanna be a Mershroomie?

At this year’s Fantasy Faire, in the fabulous Tiny Town, there is the fabulous store that belongs to Polenth Yue.  Polenth makes the most wonderful Shroommie Avatars, even smaller ones and so utterly cute, totally Unisex and utterly fabulous.  This year though, Polenth has gone further, We have a Mershroomie. Complete avatar with a Full body, Shape, skin, eyes, Cap, arms AO and a Mershroomie Tail.  Enjoy as much as I have done in this funtabulous avatar,  You will not go unnoticed!

Mershroomie Avatar (Polenth’s Mushporium)

Tiny Town Sponsored by Jinx

The pictures were taken on The Falls of Hope region of The Fantasy Faire

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