The Big Blogger Questions

Please fill this in peeps, It’s important and very well done for Us all ♥

the glamour sauce

I’ve been thinking about running this survey for a while. As many of you know I am one of the Founders of  Blogger & Vlogger Network in Second Life and so I often wonder if my view of bloggers and blogging is skewed…in a positive way. I see an amazing group of individuals who want to work together, cheer on and support their peers and do the best job they can do. Am I wearing rose-tinted glasses because I see it through BVN eyes? I don’t believe so, I think my view is how it actually is. So, when I read things that are negative about the blogging community, aside from getting my hackles up, I find myself disappointed that not everyone sees the amount of encouragement and support bloggers give each other. I know not everyone will see it ever but,, through my own blog and through BVN I…

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